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Full day

Other itineraries

  • Half Day Cruise

    Half Day Cruise

    Starting from US$2500,00

    A Half Day cruise allows you 4 hours enjoyment out on the water which could involve, for example, a snorkeling trip to Cades Reef and a swim at a secluded white sand West Coast beach.

  • Trip to Green Island

    Trip to Green Island

    Starting from US$3,500

    Depart 10am at your agreed location and enjoy your cruise along the wild East Coast to Green Island (dolphin spotting if you are lucky).

  • Full Day Cruise

    Full Day Cruise

    Starting from US$3,000

    A full day (10am - 4pm) allows you plenty of time to enjoy the best Antigua has to offer taking in its exquisite beaches, remote islands, underwater wildlife and some fabulous on board dining.